John Heffley

HECM Professional
PS Financial Services 267826

After 36 years in the Washington, DC area working in the Wholesale Florist business, John Heffley moved to North Augusta, SC, 10 years ago. He was very fortunate to find a new and totally different career as a Reverse Mortgage Advisor.

Helping those eligible to obtain a reverse mortgage, or their heirs and loved ones, to learn about their options and to make the right decisions before, during and after their retirement has been very rewarding.

John has worked mostly with people in the western half of South Carolina but is now licensed in Georgia as well and is looking forward to also working with clients in the eastern part of
that state.

When asked about his favorite part of his work, John always says, “Getting to know new people” as many of those he has worked with have remained his friends over the years.