There many other reasons why using a broker benefits you more than going directly to the big lenders. For more information, please call (888)845-6630 or (305) 791-4874.


Enjoy your retirement with savings.

MYTH: A broker is simply a “middle man” who charges more money for their services than would be charged directly with the bank.

TRUTH: PS Financial effectively pools its “buying power” with other brokers around the country to get rates that can be lower than those offered directly by the lenders themselves.

MYTH: A broker has more limitations because they don’t underwrite the mortgages in-house.

TRUTH: Our team has worked directly for lenders in the past, and found more limitations when you are restricted to 1 set of rules. As a broker we can find the right lender and program to meet our clients’ needs.

With big banks/lenders, you might not receive the same personalized service, or you might have to deal with many departments in a far away state. With our team, you deal with 1 person who oversees the processing of your loan from initial consult to closing and funding and you can reach us on our cell phones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

TRUTH: Many lenders have OVERLAYS, which means they make rules over and above the base set of rules FHA & HUD require. I know these overlays inside and out, so upon speaking to you, I know which lender would fit your specific needs and requirements.